Vince Kerr

Greetings from Vince Kerr


"I am the founder and principal of Kerr and Associates. Working professionally in many environmental roles over thirty years has taught me to value what a team approach can bring to solving complex environmental problems. The team I have brought together to form Kerr & Associates has experience, skills, capabilities and motivation far beyond what any one person could possess, especially me. We have a secret weapon as well, we enjoy working together and we enjoy taking on the big challenges. We are bound by a shared value system that underpins our work and approach. We value human potential, communities and engagement processes. We value ecology and the natural world. We are about finding solutions to the complex problems that face our environment and communities. In our view, it is time to make real progress in the way we care for and manage our ocean and coastal environment. We welcome you to help us help you in creating a better future."

Vince’s professional background(in reverse chronological order)

  • Founded Kerr & Associates.
  • Worked as a marine technical support officer for DOC, Northland.
  • Worked as a consulting biologist on a number of marine conservation expeditions and surveys in the Pacific Region and New Zealand.
  • Served as a founding trustee and chairperson for the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust and its programs, Experiencing Marine Reserves and Whitebait Connection.
  • Worked as a consultant for the DOC, Northland developing their marine conservation program.
  • Worked as a freshwater technical support officer for DOC, Northland.
  • Served on the Northland Conservation Board.
  • Established the Environmental Management program at Northtec in Whangarei. Lectured and supervised research and community and iwi engagement projects across a wide range of environmental disciplines.
  • Worked and lived in the Hokianga, Northland, established the Rawene Experimental Nursery, a range of community development projects, the family nursery business and a horticultural consultancy.
  • Taught secondary biology and environmental studies in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Vince began his working career in Oregon, USA with the US Forest Service which established a passion for forest and freshwater ecology.

Formal education 

  • B.Sc. Biological Science, University of Oregon (USA)
  • Dip of Horticulture, (Nursery Management), Royal Institute of Horticulture New Zealand, Lincoln College
  • Tertiary and Secondary Teaching Qualifications

Key projects from Vince's marine work portfolio

  • Northland Marine Habitat Map 
  • Northland Marine Library
  • MarineNZ (marine information website)
  • Doubtless Bay Marine Habitat Map
  • Mimiwhangata Marine Habitat Map/li>
  • NZ Marine Reserves How to Kit
  • Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve Application
  • Mimiwhangata Marine Reserve Proposal and Community Discussion Document

You can see a complete list of Vince Kerr's publications with links to reports available online at our "Completed Works" page.


See our new website project which is a re-vamped version of the old 'How to Kit', How to create a marine reserve proposal.


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