Our team at Kerr & Associates offers clients an integrated support service combining technical expertise with the leading-edge use of communication strategies, media and the development of community engagement processes. Our associates all work independently as consultants and come together on an as-needed basis for our project work.

Below is a brief background on our associates and the skills and experience they bring to our work.

Catherine Langford    Catherine

Catherine is the go-to person in our group for anything to do with communications and media. She will play a vital role in our project management function. This is what she does.

“We run a specialist service called Langford ink, offering straightforward, affordable marketing support for businesses in the Bay of Islands and beyond. We can help you with the planning and implementation of both traditional and online marketing, including website development and social media support, graphic design and print management, copywriting and PR.”

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Dan Breen     dbreen1

Dan Breen brings to our team some serious technical muscle. He has a wealth of experience as a marine biologist and has become a specialist in the use of GIS and decision support modelling software for marine protected area planning and design. Dan did the hard yards in conservation biology in Australia, playing a key role in several very significant marine conservation projects. This is a skill set we need in New Zealand for what we are about to face in marine management and conservation.

Dan completed his PhD at JCU, Australia on systematic conservation planning for marine protected areas (MPAs) under the supervision of Prof. Geoff Jones and Dr Nick Otway. After arriving in New Zealand, Dan has worked for the Department of Conservation in Auckland on MPAs and provides science advice for Maui's dolphin and other threatened species. He previously worked for the NSW Marine Parks Authority and NSW Fisheries in establishing marine parks and aquatic reserves, for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority on the Representative Areas Program, as a consultant in monitoring the impacts of tourism and other activities and as an interpreter with Reef Biosearch in Port Douglas. Dan's research interests include quantitative marine ecology, spatial and statistical modelling of marine communities and applying GIS-based decision support systems (including Marxan, C-Plan and Zonation). Dan, his wife Dr Barbara Bollard-Breen (Auckland University of Technology and WWF), and two children (Jack and Cassie) now live on a vineyard on Waiheke Island in New Zealand, love to have visitors and enjoy working throughout the Pacific.

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Brett Sutton    Brett3  

Brett has joined our team to play a leading role in our marine field projects. Brett brings a full range of diving capabilities to our group and a passion for the sea and marine conservation. Brett holds a B.Sc. Biological Sciences and is ADAS Part 3 Air Diver. He has ten years experience working in the marine environment on oil and gas, civil construction, fisheries, research and tourism operations in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Brett has gained experience in a wide range of field roles relating to ecological research, environmental monitoring and oil spill response. With a background in commercial diving, Brett has worked on biosecurity projects conducting surveillance, containment and removal of invasive marine species from ports, vessels and aquaculture facilities.  Most recently, he has been in North Western Australia, advising construction vessel crews on environmental compliance protocols in relation to protected marine megafauna.

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Dean Wright      dean-wright-11

Dean brings to our team many skills and a dedication to improving our marine management. Dean has an extensive business background and was very involved with the big game fishing sector in his younger days. You won't find anyone with more passion for the ocean. Dean is an experienced skipper and has done a lot of volunteer hours supporting conservation work on and off the water in Northland.

Dean is an accomplished professional photographer, website designer and manager and brings a professional edge to this aspect of our work in Kerr & Associates.

You are welcome to view some of Dean's stunning photos and read more background information on his website.

cellphone +64 27 243 1777
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 Graham Wragg    Graham Wragg 

Graham brings many skills to our team including; maritime (NZ Offshore Master & Marine Engineer), academic (Doctorate in Zoology from the University of Oxford, UK), plus his project management skills as owner/manager of research vessels in the Pacific since 1988. Graham trained as a National Park Ranger at Lincoln University in NZ, then completed a Master of Applied Science at the University of Canterbury. In his younger days, he was a commercial fisherman in Alaska and volunteered on numerous science/conservation expeditions to Africa, the Atlantic Islands and Russia. 

After three decades researching and exploring the remote islands of the Central Pacific, Graham's experience includes: science & conservation expedition support, marine & terrestrial conservation research, oceanographic buoy deployments, invasive species eradication, science & technology consultancies, eco/adventure tourism, delivery of cyclone relief to remote communities, sustainable fisheries & forestry, protected areas management and the economic development of remote areas. 

Between 2013-16 Graham and his wife, Ulamila established the 2200 ha Natewa National Park in Fiji. It is now the only indigenously owned and managed National Park in Fiji (and probably the Pacific Islands). Graham was its first CEO and Chief Scientist. Graham lives with his family in the picturesque town of Savusavu on Vanua Levu, Fiji. The Pacific ocean and it's far-flung islands are both his passion and his backyard.

Photo Gallery site of Graham's Pacific voyages

Graham's published works to download at Research Gate

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Diane Kerr      Diane

Diane Kerr, BSc (Otago) and Dip Tch (University of Oregon), has a background in science and education and has often been involved in Vince's work in Northland and has racked up many volunteer hours in community and environmental work. Diane will be the one working behind the scenes doing accounting and data processing and analysis. She is a keen diver and often there participating in the field work.


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Gretel & Bonnie    GretelandBonnie

What would a marine consultancy be without two Labradors?

Gretel and Bonnie are specialists in stakeholder relations.