Pacific Region

“As a child, I dreamed of visiting the far off places of the South Pacific and being immersed in the Polynesian culture. I have been fortunate to enough to make this dream a reality living here in New Zealand and travelling and working in the Pacific. Via a series of opportunities unfolding I have been privileged to study coral reef ecology and eventually participate in some major surveys and expeditions to the most remote atolls of the Pacific. Those trips took me to the Southern Line Islands, Phoenix Islands, outer Cook Islands and Northwest New Caledonia. These places are virtually the last truly pristine coral reef environments where there is little to no human impact or fishing. This is the place to learn ecology. And what we learned tells a story of what ‘natural’ is and how significant the impacts of fishing are even very careful fishing. This experience for me really brought home the value and importance of creating a network of high-level protection areas to work alongside fisheries management here in New Zealand and across the Pacific.”

Vince Kerr - June 2012

Kerr & Associates are keen to discuss with Pacific partners how we could assist you with marine management and conservation work. We can bring together teams to do marine survey and monitoring work as well as supporting policy development and community engagement approaches. We have a well-established network of contacts of people working in conservation in the Pacific region.

See this photo collection from Graham Wragg skipper and owner of Pacific Expeditions who I worked with extensively in the Central Pacific

Pacific Expedition Photo Gallery